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who we are

CoLabs is a holding company and software incubator. We own common Intellectual Property (IP) which serves as the basis for a portfolio of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. In developing innovative cloud-based solutions, we partner with industry leaders, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to address their specific challenges.

Our SaaS Accelerator Kit gives us an unmatched time-to-market advantage. We’ve formed strategic alliances with key thought leaders who are eager to collaborate with peers and competitors. Working in synergy, we define groundbreaking solutions to quickly apply to businesses.

Our Approach //

how we innovate

Here at CoLabs, collaboration is the key to innovation—we unite to disrupt. By connecting with business leaders, we gain first-hand knowledge of crucial processes or problems ideal for automation. Next, we apply a proven set of Azure building blocks to quickly create a cloud-based, multi-tenant, secure and scalable product.


Some of these building blocks include:



  • Smart Forms: Guide data collection with flexible, configurable forms to ensure all information captured is actionable within the system and easily interchanged with other systems.
  • Workflow: Simplify tracking of business process steps, notifications and “calls to action” for participants and observers.
  • Document Generation: Create the necessary documentation for compliance, including eSignatures.
  • Security: Automate data encryption and other cybersecurity best practices to ensure low friction with implementation in risk-averse industries.


what we’re looking for

CoLabs builds software that makes companies more effective, efficient and profitable. We collaborate with business leaders to identify key business processes that are ripe for automation. Like what you see? Let’s collaborate.

Simple solutions. We develop products that are easy to use and easy to implement. They’re robust, end-to-end enterprise solutions that don’t require constant IT support.

Proven framework. Our products are built on our SaaS Accelerator Toolkit Platform, so you get the best of both worlds: software that competes with enterprise products but feels custom.

Nimble team. Does your business have a problem that meets our criteria? We have the expertise and resources to solve it—quickly and accurately.

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solutions we’ve pioneered

Our revolutionary development process delivers nearly custom software at a subscription price. Products we’ve already successfully implemented using this model include:

IntelAgree is an easy-to-use SaaS solution that leverages industry-specific intelligence to streamline buy and sell-side contracts. It integrates with your existing contract tools to generate agreements and facilitate workflow. IntelAgree manages searchable content and compliance requirements with AI/ML. The best part? IntelAgree gets better with age, because it uses past information and negotiations to streamline your contract process and enhance your data.


what we’ve achieved

The following are companies that CoLabs founders have started:

Veredus is an Information Technology Staffing firm.  It was started in Tampa, FL and quickly grew to 12 offices nationwide.  It employed as many as 1,000 people and had revenues of over $100 million.  Veredus was sold in December of 2014 to Hays, PLC.
eStaff365 is a cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines the onboarding process for the staffing industry. eStaff365 enables staffing firms to start billing faster, while reducing compliance costs and risks. This highly configurable solution includes: electronic onboarding with secure digital signatures; I9 with E-Verify integration; all state and federal forms; and a flexible PDF forms engine to support any agency documents or client documents. eStaff365 was sold to Boston-based Erecruit in October 2014.
AgileThought is a full-service custom software consulting firm, staffed by the absolute best professionals in the business. AgileThought’s mission is to fundamentally change the way people, organizations and companies view, approach and deliver software products. From developing custom solutions to providing expert guidance on cloud and mobile strategies through improving overall business agility, AgileThought has been a trusted partner to Fortune 1000 companies since 2004.